About Hour Glass Cleaners

Message From The President
By choosing Hour Glass Cleaners you have demonstrated your preference for unrivaled expertise. We thank you for the confidence you have placed in us. To give you an introduction to Hour Glass Cleaners' indisputable quality and service, it is our pleasure to have you visit our website and any of our store locations.
We continue to strive to always give our customers the best quality and service. We have convenient drive-thru at all store locations, 1-Hour Professional Dry Cleaning and Same Day Laundered Shirt Service Monday - Saturday! We also have many more services including professional tailoring, leather cleaning, and wedding dress cleaning.
Lady Holding at Suit — Best Clothing Dry Cleaners in MN

Mission Statement

To reach a point with each and every customer in which we are exceeding their expectations in QUALITY and SERVICE every time they visit Hour Glass Cleaners.

We strive to offer our customers absolutely the best quality, service and value each time they visit our stores. Hour Glass Cleaners offers experienced, knowledgeable, professional staff in order to achieve our mission statement for our customers..."

Finally, our dry cleaning is quality guaranteed. If you are ever not fully satisfied, our store will be glad to re-clean or re-press any garment without charge. We believe that you will always receive prompt, courteous service, plus quality work at all of our stores. Your business is appreciated!

Most Cordially,

Brian H. Burdick

President and Owner

The Difference

Hour Glass Cleaners does all dry cleaning and laundry on the premises at each store location. This allows Hour Glass to give absolutely the best service and quality to all of our customers. If there is ever a question with a garment, we can re-do the garment in question and usually have it returned within 60 minutes or sooner.

Dress Well. Live Well.